Ayurveda – Body Therapy Practices

The Intensive Training Course of “Ayurveda – Corporal Therapeutic Practices” has 260 hours and is certified and recognized by ABRATH – Brazilian association of holistic therapists and registered in the RDA national library, which validates and authenticates the course).

There will be three face-to-face meetings of 7 days each here in Brasília, a true immersion, in a special place that is the Sitio Vale das Flores, surrounded by the beauties of the cerrado biome. Have you thought?

In each intensive, you will learn different massage techniques and treatments used in Ayurveda. Like the massage that is done on the floor and that uses the hands, feet, stretching and tractions, Abhyanga, which is an oil, is excellent for containing Dosha Vata.

Utsadana is a massage with herbal ointments, Udwartana massage with therapeutic powders, Garshana that uses salt, herbs, camphor, and the body is massaged with silk gloves.

Shirodhara is a special treatment done on the head, where a thread of warm oil falls on the forehead, relaxing and balancing the whole organism, Marma therapy, which are the treatments in the acupressure points of this system.

Pinda Sweda, massage with hot bundles of herbs, external Bastis, which are pools of heated oils applied to specific parts of the body, Pichu’s which are compresses of medicated oils.

In this training, you also learn about Gandha Chikitsa, which is the use of aromatherapy according to Ayurveda, Dinacharya, which are healthy daily routines to maintain health, preparing oils and medicated powders, cooking practices, and all the base theories for understanding Ayurveda, with a focus on Body Therapies.

We also experience in our practical, experiential classes with mantras, pranayamas, mudras, yoga, and meditation. The objective of this course is to provide self-knowledge and understanding of Ayurveda, awakening and instructing people and qualified professionals to enter the job market.

The training is structured in three intensive seven-day modules in an immersion format, where the student can choose (if they wish) to stay at Sitio Vale das Flores, where the course takes place.

  • 1st INTENSIVE – January 24 to 30th/2022
  • 2nd INTENSIVE – July 9 to 15th/2022
  • 3rd INTENSIVE – January 23 to 29/2023

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