Onyx Complete Knife Set

Really good knives are not always easy to come across, so once you find a real test winner, it’s time to catch the moment. That description fits into the ONYX complete knife set, a package that provides you with as many as six different high-quality knives from the ONYX brand.

With a shell knife, an all-purpose knife, a chef’s knife, a bread knife, a cutting knife, and a santoku knife, you are in good hands when you invest in this flexible package.

Some of the many positive aspects that can be encountered in this kitchen knife set are the patented hybrid composition of steel and ceramic, the steel core that contributes to the durability of the knives, and an anti-slip handle that is ergonomic and therefore rests comfortably in hand.

About ONYX Completely Stabbed

All six knives in this handy set are made of high-quality materials to ensure that they last for a long time to come and can handle most tasks in the kitchen. The edges of the knives are made using hybrid technology in the form of a composition of steel and ceramic.

This means that you get positive aspects to enjoy from both steel products and ceramic products, and these benefits include sharpness for a long time to come along with impressive service life.

The knife blades are also worth mentioning as many impressive points can be found here. The edge has a steel core that is reinforced with titanium plating.

When this happens, steel and titanium melt together and bind at the atomic level, so you can be sure that the knife will not wear out in the first place. Enjoy both the robust surface that the knives get together with the elegant look that makes the knives a wonderful addition to the kitchen.

What does the handle really look like, then? Well, every knife in this set has a fiberglass handle that maintains a high standard in all situations. What you can expect from this is an optimal weight distribution, which makes the knives safe to take advantage of while being a little extra comfort to deal with.

Last but not least, you may also be wondering what kinds of knives are included in this kitchen knife set, and of course, it is a complete package that applies.

You get a shell knife with a blade of 9 cm, an all-purpose knife with a blade of 13 cm, a chef’s knife with a blade of 20 cm, a bread knife with a blade of 20 cm, a pre-cut knife with a blade of 20 cm and finally a santokuk knife with a blade of 18 cm.

In other words, you have everything you need to cook all your favorite dishes when you invest in a kitchen knife set, such as the ONYX complete knife set.

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