PANDARUS Compound Bow Review

The PANDARUS Compound Bow is an ideal compound bow designed for young beginners to learn archery. With a draw weight of 0-70lbs, adjustable from 19.25″ to 31″ in length, this compound bow is perfect for women, and youth, looking to get into archery or improve their archery skills.

PANDARUS Compound Bow Review


The Compound Bow’s cams and modules are CNC machined, and they are made from high-quality 6061 T6 aluminum. Also, the riser comes with Aluminum construction.

The string used in this bow is an advanced BCY-X made in the USA. Furthermore, this compound bow is a weapon with a wide range of adjustable settings that you can change to modify the range and tension.

Package Details:

PANDARUS’s compound bow comes fully equipped with a wide range of shooting stuff. This Compound Bow Package includes the following items:

• A Release
• 5 Allen Key
• A -3pin sight
• A Bow Stand
• A Peep Sight
• A Wrist Sling
• An Armguard
• An Arrow Puller
• 10 Target Sheet
• An Arrow Quiver
• A Rubber Stabilizer
• A Brush Arrow Rest
• 12 Mix Carbon Arrows
• 6 Hunting Broadheads
• A Compound Bow Case
• A Bowstring Wax Lubricates
• A PANDARUS L1 Hunting Compound Bow


Furthermore, Pandarus is designed to shoot the best arrows for compound bow hunting at speeds up to 320 feet per second (fps). The axle-to-axle measurement is 30.25″. The brace height is 7.30″, and the hand orientation is right. The Pandarus features a 75% let-off and a draw weight of 0 lbs to 70 lbs.

User Guide

It is an entry-level compound bow, suitable and designed for women, youth, and beginners. To avoid any accidents, please spend a few minutes going through the manual first. To avoid damaging or hurting yourself or others, make sure to avoid a dry fire with this compound bow. However, only Right-handed archers can utilize this PANDARUS compound bow for hunting or target practice.

Ease of Use

With this bow, you can easily adjust it to fit anyone, and it takes less than a minute to switch the draw length. Besides, this bow is not only the easiest to adjust, but it actually has a built-in feature to adjust the draw length without the need for a press.

You can use this compound bow for several different functions. You can use it parallelly for hunting, bow fishing, target practice, etc. Overall, this compound bow is a smooth pulling, fast shooting, and versatile bow.

Final Word

Overall, Bowhunters love this camouflage compound bow since it blends in seamlessly with its surroundings. So, if you’re in the market for a light hunting bow that’s both affordable and high-quality, this one is an excellent option indeed.

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