Pest Reject – The Number One Enemy Against Insects

The problem of insects and rodents is quite common in those who live at home, near the field or forest. Nothing is more unpleasant on a hot summer evening when you have to sit with your windows closed for fear of mosquitoes or the day for fear that flies and other types of insects may enter.

Not to mention mice or rats, which can cause damage to warehouses and pantries and are dangerous for people in the house, especially children.

There are solutions to all these problems, but each has its risks. Pills and mosquito repellent solutions can be used for a limited period, only in well-ventilated areas. They should not be left out of reach of children, as they are highly toxic substances.

The same goes for sprays for flies and spiders, and rodent poisoning can be fatal for pets and small children who do not yet know how to avoid the area.

How Pest Reject Works

Pest Reject is a device that works based on electromagnetic waves propagated through the electrical installation in the house’s walls. This way, you are sure that Pest Reject drives away insects and rodents from any house room, with an action coverage of 200 m2.

It does not need a charger or spare parts connected to the socket. Humans or pets do not perceive these waves as safe to use. As for insects and rodents, the effect is annoying on the nervous system, which makes them leave the area where Pest Reject acts.

All the spiders, flies, mosquitoes, beetles and rats will leave and you will have no problems with noise, damage and the remains of dead insects.

Once plugged in, Pest Reject starts acting, with immediate effects, after a few hours. It is an excellent solution against summer mosquitoes and beetles in the bathroom or kitchen.

You will no longer have problems with ants or flies, which are incredibly annoying, especially in the area where food is served. The important thing is that it does not contain any chemicals, is not dangerous for family members and has a long existence, used even for long periods.

Pest Reject and Customer Testimonials

Pest Reject is one of the most used devices of this type, being appreciated especially for the speed with which it acts and the efficiency proven by a series of happy cases. Many people managed to get rid of mice or beetles permanently and enjoy the warm season without mosquitoes or flies.

Here are some of the opinions of Romanians who have already tried Pest Reject:

Ana-Maria, 28 years old, Bucharest – “I live at home near Bucharest and since we moved, for about 2 years, we still have problems with ants and mosquitoes. I tried old-fashioned methods, salt, baking soda, but nothing worked. I heard about Pest Reject from my aunt and ordered. I have had it for 5 months and it does its job very well. I got rid of the ants and mosquitoes in the house. It’s so good I don’t have to worry about putting mosquito nets on every night.”

Ioana, 47 years old, Tulcea – “Mosquitoes and flies have always been a big problem with us. Every summer, I didn’t know what to do to stay calm. When I saw the commercial at Pest Reject, I said it was a pretty high price and I didn’t trust it, but I took it. I’m more than happy with the choice. We no longer have any problems with insects, especially in the kitchen where we could barely eat. I’ve had it for 1 year now and I haven’t used a mosquito or spray device. “

George, 34, Bucharest – “I ordered Pest Reject for my grandparents in the country. They had problems with rodents and it was pretty challenging to put poison in the yard with 2 dogs and 3 cats. With this device, they had no problems with the mice entering the pantry and the kitchen. They are delighted. It is also perfect against flies, which are pretty standard in summer. “


Whether you have problems with insects or rodents, Pest Reject is a versatile device with high coverage and maximum efficiency, suitable for any room. It works based on electromagnetic waves, does not cause adverse reactions to people or pets and is easy to use, only needing to be plugged in.

It will soon drive away any insect, mouse or rat and you will be able to enjoy quiet summers and nights with uninterrupted sleep by noises or the hum of mosquitoes.

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