Valgus 2 in 1 – the Perfect Alternative to Surgery

The first signs of mounts may appear in adolescence, with more severe development around 30-40 years. It is a deformity in the bone of the big toe, which deviates to the other toes and thus produces a prominent formation, in many cases being painful.

It is not possible to say precisely what the cause is, but hereditary factors play a rather important role in the appearance of mounts and uncomfortable or worn shoes for too long.

Effects of Valgus 2 in 1 on the Foot

People with light mounting shapes do not have constant pain, maybe pressure while walking and wearing tighter shoes. In this case, the correction of the thumb position is quite simple with Valgus2 in 1, with visible results after a maximum of one month of treatment.

Valgus 2 in 1 attaches very quickly to the big toe to not impede normal gait and does not cause any discomfort when the foot is worn.

The soft silicone from which the splints are made molds gently to the foot and exert the necessary pressure for the mount to disappear. It is necessary to carry Valgus2 for a more extended period in more severe cases. It is too severe if no results are seen, and surgery is the only solution.

Also, by wearing Valgus2in1 during the day and night, in less than 1 week, the pain felt on the thumb will pass. You will be able to get rid of the inflammation, the feeling of irritation and the discomfort felt while walking.

If you notice signs indicating mount development, it is a good idea to use Valgus2in1 immediately, as it is an excellent way to prevent deformation. In less than a few days, you will become wholly accustomed to the splint system and they will enter the daily ritual of care.

Most mounting cases affect women to a greater extent than men, and this is also due to the nature of the shoes they wear. Heels wore for long periods, shoes and sandals that are too tight, and materials that prevent the foot from moving and breathing freely should be avoided.

How Valgus Works 2 in 1

The splint system attaches only to the big toe and perfectly covers the area where the mount develops or is already developed. Other similar mounting systems attach to the first 2 toes, making walking much more complex and uncomfortable if worn for a longer period.

With Valgus 2 in 1, you have no problem walking. The foot stays just as flexible. On the contrary, it helps you feel more comfortable in your shoes. The part that comes under the thumb is soft and flexible, which alleviates the pressure exerted by the body’s weight on foot.

Valgus 2 in 1 can be worn during the day, for several hours in a row, for example, when going to school or work, without disturbing you.

For maximum and fast results, it is recommended to wear the splint system at night. After only 1 month of treatment, you will notice how the deformity starts to disappear and the inflammation.

Specialists have closely studied the shape and attachment of Valgus2in1 not to cause injury, discomfort, or leave marks on the foot. The materials from which the splints are made are of the highest quality.

We are talking about a special silicone that is extraordinarily flexible and soft and does not cause allergic reactions. It fits perfectly on foot and is suitable for any footwear.


The mounts should be treated from the first signs of appearance so that in the future, you avoid surgery. An excellent way to shrink the mounts and remove them permanently is to use splints from the Valgus 2 in 1 set. They are made of soft but durable silicone, which molds perfectly and attaches only to the thumb.

You walk better, your shoes become more comfortable, and your pain goes away. He wears the Valgus2 splints2 in 1 during the day and during the night and within 1 month, you can say goodbye to unsightly and painful mounts.

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